Thursday, 20 October 2011

Marathon Season: Useful Articles on Barefoot Running

With Marathon Season in full swing, I thought I'd make a comeback with my blog and continue along the lines I'd started. I already ran my first half-marathon of the season, and beat my 2010 time of 2hrs 18mins by a whole 12 minutes!

Ok, so I know this isn't that good, but at least I'm progressing. For this race I wore my trusty Reebok RealFlex running shoes, which are now about 9 months old and have about 600kms on them. They were great. Although I felt quite a bit of pain in my inner thighs and left inner ankle by the last 3 kms, I put this down to a lack of conditioning, rather than any problem with the shoe, since three days later, there are no lasting injuries.
Why barefoot running?
It looks cool, yes. But there are so many good reasons to make the switch to minimalist running shoes:
  1. Better muscle and joint strength;
  2. More efficient stride;
  3. Long-term prevention of injuries as a result;
  4. And hopefully, better times!
Here are links to informative articles that make a case for barefoot running:

  • Science Daily: Barefoot Running: To Ditch the Shoes or Not?
  • Naturally Engineered: Barefoot Running is More Efficient. But Why?

  • Happy running!

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